Seamer Shaft Increment

Seamer Shaft Increment

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Seamer shaft increments are used to adjust the height of your seamer to accommodate various can sizes. 

Please Note: Some variants of this item may experience a lead time of up to six weeks. 

Please Note: 4 of these are required for a height changeover.

Please Note: Some can sizes may require additional parts for a height changeover. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please Note: If your canning line was purchased prior to December of 2018 your canning line may not be compatible with these shaft increments. If so you may require 100-121561. The easiest way to tell if your seamer shafts are compatible is to check if your thread pitch is fine or coarse. If the pitch is fine you will require a different base shaft. 

8 oz Sleek/ 6.8 oz Slim: 100-121564

8 oz Slim/375 ML: 100-121567

330 ML: 100-121565

12 oz/355 ML: 100-121566

250 ML Slim: 100-121568

330 ML Sleek: 100-121569

440 ML: 100-121570

12 oz/355 ML Sleek: 100-121571

300 ML Slim: 100-121572

16 oz: 100-121573

470 ML: 100-121574

500 ML: 100-121575

530 ML: 100-121576

19.2oz/568ML: 100-121577

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