Lower Bearings - Gen 2

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Replacement lower bearings for most LinCan and all CraftCan canning lines except Duo series canning lines. 

Upgraded lower bearing assemblies are now available. Our most recent generation is retrofittable to all current model can lift cylinders (100-120355), and can be removed from above without removing the can lift cylinder. This results in replacement time of 30 min instead of up to 6 hours. Contact for more info to confirm compatibility.

Please Note: You are required to pull your old bearings and have these pressed into your bearing housing. Professional installation is recommended. These bearings do not carry our 90 day warranty if not installed by ABE. For simpler installation and replacement, please see our full lower bearing assembly (100-121790). 

Please Note: If you purchased your LinCan prior to 2016, you may need a different bearing, bearing assembly, or upgrade parts. Please contact us for more information.


Part Number: 100-121662